RCR Introduction, University of Portland Feature

For those who attended WE Local this past weekend in San Jose, hope you all had a great time!

Continuing with introductions, Region J’s Region Collegiate Representative (RCR) is Moira Gion. Originally from from Portland, Oregon, she is a senior this year studying Mechanical Engineering at Portland State University. Her coursework has been mostly focused in fluid/ thermo sciences, and she is interested in working with renewable energy, as well as learning more about material sciences.

Moira has been involved with SWE for four years. She started as the fundraising chair for the PSU collegiate section in 2013. It was a great opportunity for her to practice leadership skills and getting experience in fundraising and outreach. It has also helped her make connections with engineering classmates that she may not have otherwise gotten a chance to meet and it has been a big part of her community at school.

When Moira and I reviewed the collegiate section reports, we noticed that many of the sections showed an interest in networking with industry professionals and getting more member involvement. We also noticed that many sections had some great events, and I thought that it would be helpful if we reached out to some sections and asked them to talk more about some of the events they hosted.

Today I’ll be featuring the University of Portland and their industry panel with Intel. Delaney Ralph, the University of Portland section president, was kind enough to share the following information about their event:

“At our meeting, we had representatives from Intel come promote their company’s internships and jobs, and share what being a “professional hacker” was like. They had a completely prepared presentation, with a long Q&A session after. This worked well because they gave an overview of relevant topics in their presentation and then went into more detail about what people were really interested in during their Q&A session.

Intel had approached us about presenting because they were already going to be on our campus, so it was fairly easy to plan. Our school’s Director of Industry, is very involved with our club and refers us to host these events. So there wasn’t a lot of planning that went into that meeting.

We are planning another industry panel for March in which hopefully multiple companies and backgrounds will be represented. For recruiting professionals, we have been contacting alumni from our university that are still in the area because our school can provide contact information. I also attend local networking events either through the university or professional SWE section to meet professionals. In my experience, when I ask if they would be willing to come speak (through email), they are usually more than willing. The most difficult part is trying to plan around different schedules. We are currently in the process of deciding if we want to plan around a specific speaker or just choose a date and look for speakers who have that availability. Also, we plan on having prepared questions for the panel so they don’t have to prepare anything making it easier for them and more likely to agree.”

Thank you to Delaney and the University of Portland for sharing! I hope this will inspire other sections to reach out to the industry professionals in their area for similiar events. If your section has put on an industry event lately and would like to share that process, feel free to contact me at rcce-j@swe.org.



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