End of RCCE Term + Collegiate Section Features (George Fox, Oregon State)

It’s nearing the end of my term as RCCE for FY16-17. It’s been my pleasure serving on the RCT this year. Congratulations to Amanda Levenson, who was elected as RCCE for FY17-18! To close out this year, I have a few more features from collegiate sections in Region J.

Jenna Hills of the George Fox University shared how her section planned an Engineers Alumni Panel:

“I asked the GFU engineering professors to help me compile a list of recent graduates that they thought would be candidates for this panel. I got their alumni contact info from the professors and invited about 5-6 engineers across the various disciplines to come talk about their first few years on the job. The event went about an hour and our panelists gave current students advice about internships, transitioning from college to career, what to expect on your first day, how to handle conflict, etc. Many of the alumni were happy to volunteer their time and share with the current engineering students. I think the main factor that made this event successful was getting good recommendations from our professors. The professors know which past students were good students in college and therefore, successful industry professionals.”

Chloe Jordan of Oregon State University adds a few Harry Potter references along with her blurb on how her section planned an Industry Dinner:

“If you find yourself asking how The Quidditch Club manages to recruit so many students to their meetings, keep reading. Do you ever wonder how to connect with awesome women engineers in industry? Do you worry your Industry Dinner won’t be as successful as one of Fred and George’s Gryffindor quidditch parties? Here are a few tips on planning/hosting an SWE Industry meeting! First things first, look at your club’s members -what kind of events will benefit them? For example, at Oregon State University (OSU), SWE entertains many freshman and sophomores who’d really benefit from a Career Fair preparation meeting, with a resume review and interview tips. Once you’ve identified what your members need, make a list of potential companies that might be willing to help. This step might seem like the hardest part but companies love to support SWE in any way they can. Start with researching local companies and get in contact with the local SWE Professional section. Reach out to their HR departments and identify a contact person. In most cases they’re happy to provide a speaker and dinner…I’ve never been turned down! Marketing the speaker’s company and food is crucial! In the wise words of Ronald Weasley, ‘You sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.’ What’s the best venue for your meeting? I feel a key part of an Industry Speaker meeting is its ability to encourage conversation in an intimate atmosphere. This means balancing the number of people expected with the rooms ability to foster your intended atmosphere. However you go about planning your next Industry Speaker meeting, know that ‘help is always given…to those who ask for it’ (JK Rowling).”

I hope everyone had a great school year. For those who are graduating or have already graduated, congratulations! For those who are enjoying their summers, have fun! And for those on the quarter system with a few more weeks left, hang in there!




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