WE17 Logistics

By Amanda Levenson Believe it or not, WE17–SWE’s annual conference, and the world’s largest conference and career fair for women in engineering–is already coming up on October 26th, and taking place in the Live Music Capital of the World: Austin, TX! Over several days, WE17 will offer a myriad of professional development, career/networking, leadership, and … More WE17 Logistics


Welcome to FY15! My name is Megan Shadlow, and I am your Region J Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE).  I am a  junior in Chemical Engineering at Oregon State University. In addition to being my SWE section’s secretary, I am also involved in AIChE and Phi Sigma Rho (Engineering Sorority). If you have any questions feel free … More Welcome!

March Hot Topic: Leadership Burnout

Leadership burnout seems to be common among overachievers (can you say: engineering-student-who-is-involved-in-extracurricular-activities-and-might-have-a-hard-time-saying-no five times fast?). Sound like anyone you know? The following ideas to avoid leadership burnout are adapted from Dan Black’s post on How to Avoid Leadership Burnout. Dan says that it is important have and maintain healthy habits in order to avoid leadership burnout. Some common … More March Hot Topic: Leadership Burnout

January Hot Topic: Resolve Your Resolution

An excerpt from Jennifer Bly’s President’s Letter from the Columbia River Section’s January newsletter. Now that it is the beginning of a new year, many of you probably make resolutions like me – and stick to them? One of my current favorite blogs, Henrik Edberg’s Positivity Blog: Happiness and Awesomeness Tips that Work in Real Life … More January Hot Topic: Resolve Your Resolution

December Hot Topic: Maintaining Your SWE Momentum

Whew! Now that we are done with finals we can do the million other things that are important to us. Visiting, baking, traveling, scholarship applications….whoa, wait a second! Who has time for SWE? The answer is simple: YOU DO! With everything that we have going on in our busy lives how do we maintain our … More December Hot Topic: Maintaining Your SWE Momentum