The section that has the most points by Regional Conference will receive a trophy to be displayed at their college. Also, the top three points earners will earn cash prizes to add to the coffers of their sections!!

Good luck to all of our fabulous Region J collegiate sections!!

Points will be tracked by the section RCR and RCCE on a spreadsheet that will be shared on the Region J Drop Box folder.

Point System

6 points for updated bylaws.

4 points for each section report you submit on time.

  • Quarterly reports, annual report, and financial report.

3 points for filing your e-postcard by November 15th.

  • Notify your RCR at regionj@gmail.com.

5 points for filing as a subordinate under SWE.

  • Notify your RCR that have you submitted it by March 31.

1 point per member/per call for each person who calls in to RCT team meetings.

3 points per member at conference collegiate region meetings.

  • Annual Conference: Region J Collegiate/Joint Meeting.
  • Collegiate Leadership Forum (CLF): Collegiate Leadership Meeting.
  • Region Conference: Collegiate/Joint Meeting.

5 points for outside professional development (maximum of 20 points – this must       reported in quarterly report).

  • Having collegiate/professional event.
  • Members attending a webinar.
  • CLCC visit.

3 points for any blog articles.

  • History of your SWE section.
  • Spotlight on a member who has excelled.
  • On an activity you’ve done (outreach, professional development, fundraiser, etc).

1 point for blog subscription, per member. The subscriber must email rcce-j@swe.org with their name and school saying that they have subscribed for your section to get the point.

1 point for any blog comments.

3 thoughts on “Points

  1. Maybe it would be cool to have some sort of file that we can check up on our points status on. Like a google doc or something that’s public, but only editable by Region J leaders.?

  2. I definitely agree with Kristen on having a blog page dedicated to point ranking. I go to the #1 Unversity in Basketball Town, USA (i.e. GONZAGA) so knowing who’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and how many points each chapter has would definitely be useful information!

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