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Here are a couple of points to assist with the positions, terminology, and acronyms:

  1. Collegiate: In the future, the word “collegiate” shall be used more and more frequently when referring to collegiate level student programs and members. This is a strategic change to help the Society and supporting community distinguish between the collegiate “student” member and the K-12 “student” to which SWE reaches out. A change to the Society Bylaws has been proposed.
  2. Region Collegiate Team (RCT): a region team composed of people addressing collegiate issues, working together within the region. The team includes (but is not limited to):
  3. Region Collegiate Representative (RCR): a collegiate member serving on the Council of Representatives (COR), responsible for running region collegiate meetings at national and regional conferences, assisting the collegiate section hosting the Regional Conference, and communicating with the Region Governor about collegiate activities and issues within the region.
  4. Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE): a collegiate member compiling region information for distribution to the membership. This is mainly performed through the Region Blog and by assisting the RCR at national and regional conferences. Also a RCCE would be the first runner up to take the RCR position if the current RCR decides they could not perform the assigned duties.
  5. Region Collegiate Senator (RCS): a collegiate member who serves as the collegiate voice on the senate committee. This member influences policy and procedural definitions within the society.
  6. Collegiate Interests Representative (CIR): a collegiate or professional member serving on the Collegiate Interests Committee, strategizing methods to improve the value proposition for collegiate members, evaluating and recommending collegiate programs, creating leadership opportunities, and streamlining processes.
  7. Region Collegiate Membership Coordinator (RCMC): a collegiate or professional member serving on the Membership Committee, and aiding the collegiate sections in increasing their membership and maintaining their charter requirements.
  8. Collegiate Leadership Coaches (CLC): a collegiate or professional member working directly with collegiate Sections, facilitating the sharing of best practices between student sections within the region, addressing specific issues they have with their ongoing operations by coaching them through modules developed by the Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee.
  9. SWE Future Leader (SWEFL): A freshman or sophomore collegiate member who shows outstanding potential for future leadership in SWE and is invited to take part in the Collegiate Leadership Forum (CLF) held annually in the summer. After the CLF, SWEFLs may be called on to participate in SWE collegiate focus groups and encouraged to apply for SWE leadership positions at their collegiate section or at the region or national level. SWEFLs are nominated by other collegiate or professional SWE leaders. The SWEFL application typically becomes available in the April timeframe.

Collegiate Leadership Forum (CLF)

The Collegiate Leadership Forum (CLF) is an annual event used as an opportunity to train RCRs, RCCEs, and RCSs. CLF was started in 2005 by a recommendation from the Student Transition Team. Beyond RCRs and RCCEs, the CLF has now been expanded to include additional groups of collegiate members by invitation only. In 2006, the added participants were SWE Future Leaders (SWEFLs, see above). In the future, invited groups may include collegiate section presidents, grad students, collegiate leadership from struggling sections, etc.

The CLF typically takes place in August, in conjunction with the SWE BOD installation. Activities include the BOD installation dinner, leadership training, SWE training, professional development, and networking with other collegiate leaders, the Region Governors, and BOD members. All travel, accommodations, and activities are completely free to participants.

Any questions about the CLF can be sent to the CLF Coordinator at

RCR and RCCE Elections

The RCR represents collegiate members’ interests to SWE national leaders by actively participating in the strategic discussions of the Council of Representatives (COR), The COR charts strategic direction and adopts long range goals of the Society

The RCCE produces a regional blog for collegiate members by compiling articles, news, and announcements that are relevant and timely. Blogs should contain SWE best practices, events, and activities that benefit collegiate members.

Each Region’s RCR and RCCE work closely to enhance opportunities for college members. RCR and RCCE receives expense-paid travel to the annual SWE Collegiate Leadership Forum!

Election Process:

  • Applications are accepted online, only.
  • Seven weeks prior to each region conference, a call for applications is distributed to collegiate members and region leaders to announce the application deadline.
  • Biographical information on each candidate is disseminated electronically to all region collegiate members prior to the start of voting.
  • A one -week online voting period allows collegiate sections to cast their vote, if they are unable to attend their regional conference and participate in the collegiate meeting in which votes are tallied.
  • At the collegiate meeting during the regional conference, candidates may provide a speech to the collegiate membership regarding their interest and qualifications for the position.
  • A vote will be called at the meeting. Online and live votes will be compiled, and the election results will be announced at the region conference

I.f you are interested in applying for the RCR, RCCE, or RCS position please send an email to

It is recommended that you review and prepare answers for the application questions prior to completing the online application. The application questions can be found here. Any questions about the RCR/RCCE positions or the application and voting process can be sent to the RCR/RCCE Coordinator at

Collegiate Leadership Coaching

Collegiate Leadership Coaching is a task force dedicated to empowering sections with the tools and training they need to build strong sections as well as obtain valuable leadership skills. SWE’s Collegiate Leadership Coaching content and tools are found in My SWE Communities section of the web site.

Long-Term Goals

The Region Collegiate Team’s (RCT) long-term goals are to:

  • Drive continual improvement in the collegiate experience within the Region
  • Continue to develop strategic goals that address the key collegiate issues in the Region
  • Deliver at least one new program, initiative, or improvement to the region to address a key collegiate issues in the Region each year
  • Annually revisit, update, and revise the key collegiate issues in the Region
Team Bios

Alyssa Deardorff – Region Collegiate Representative (RCR)

Email her any questions you may have about the region, your SWE section, or about SWE in general at!

Mindy McCord – Region Collegiate Senator (RCS)


Mindy was born and raised in Billings, MT and is currently Junior at Montana State University studying Mechanical Engineering. She was the Section V.P. and Region J SWEFL last year, and is the Section President and RCR for this year. Her passion in engineering is motorsports/vehicles, and she spent last summer doing an internship for General Motors. She has found much support from SWE throughout her collegiate career so far, and looks forward to being a part of SWE into her career in industry.

Sara Beery – Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE)

Louography_web (1 of 2)

Sara was born and raised in Seattle.  Her first career was professional ballet, and she worked all over the world as a ballerina for six years before going to college.  She currently attends Seattle University, where she is pursuing a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a Computer Engineering Specialization, a B.S. in Mathematics with an Applied Mathematics Specialization, and a Minor in Computer Science.  She plans to graduate in Spring 2016, and begin her Ph.D. specializing in Computer Vision for Robotics and Automation in Fall 2016.

Sara is currently the SWE Seattle University Section Vice President, as well as Region J RCCE. She is excited to continue to encourage participation in SWE at her school. Sara is also passionate about STEM Outreach and plans to continue to volunteer teaching STEM at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School as part of the Seattle University Bannan Scholars program.Email Sara with any blog requests or questions at

Anna Knight – SWE Future Leader (SWEFL)


Anna was born and raised in Anchorage, AK where she developed her love for the wilderness.She spent most summers growing up with her dad on his commercial fishing boat. When she was a sophomore in high school she helped her dad completely remodel the boat which sparked her interest in becoming an engineer. She is currently studying at Oregon State University where she is pursuing a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. She plans to graduate in the spring of 2018 and enter the work force.

Anna joined SWE her freshman year and is currently the Vice President of the OSU SWE section. She is excited to be part of the Region Collegiate Team as a SWEFL this year and gain more insight into SWE on a national level. She plans to stay involved in SWE throughout college and her professional career.


Elizabeth Thurman – SWE Future Leader (SWEFL)


Elizabeth is a second year student in the undergraduate Electrical Engineering program at Oregon Tech in Wilsonville. She is currently the President of the collegiate section at her school, as well as a 2015 SWE Future Leader. Elizabeth is also involved in student government, where she serves as the Communications Officer. After graduation in 2017, Elizabeth would like to pursue a career in the transportation industry where she can design and create sustainable alternatives for travel.


One thought on “Region Collegiate Team

  1. We still need a Region Collegiate Representative candidate for FY10. And we also need a Region Collegiate Membership Chair and Collegiate Interests Representative. These are positions that will give you visibility to SWE leadership and provide you opportunities to develop your skills.

    It’s my wish to see all these positions filled for FY10. This way, Region J can be more effective in its operations and serving its collegiate members. I hope you can consider one of these positions.

    Linda Thomas

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